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I am whatever I need to be to get a project done. I've spent years learning new skills. I have gone from a traditional artist to graphic designer to illustrator to branding designer to 3d artist to concept artist to 2d illustrator to to gallery artist to web designer. I have enjoyed every new path I have been put on and have found success in every disciplin.

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Adesys, Inc (2014 - present)

Web Front-End Designer

Currently applying knowledge and advance skills with visual design, brand management and user experience to current projects in web design, software design and brand management.

Food Concepts, Inc (2004 - 2014)

Art Director

Led the concept, design and execution of successful visual campaigns in various branding initiatives.

Printing Trade Co. (1996 - 2004)

Art Director

Designed a wide range of projects for various clients ranging from logo design to full brand, political and tradeshow campaigns.

Freelancer(1998 - present)

Concept and Game Artist

Continue to work with various game and branding companies developing style guides, concepts and designs in both traditional media as well as 3d and digital.

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Planning • Creative • Full-Stack

I enjoy handling every aspect of a project. From concept to finish, I can keep a project on task and consistant across different departments, freelancers and mediums. Please feel free to contact me about your upcoming project.

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web design and development

Utilizing a mix of design and programming to create the visuals and interactions of the web. Open minded. Willing to tackle any challenge. I never stop learning, changes happen fast and often and it's necessary to keep moving forward.


Specializing in elucidating concepts by providing a visual representation that corresponds to the content of the associated text or idea. I work in traditional media as well as digitial, providing various types of deliverables from concepts and storyboards to wireframes and finished branding campaigns.

graphic design

Graphic Design is a broad term that covers many disciplines, I have years of experience with LOGOS & BRANDING, PRINTED MATERIALS, ILLUSTRATION, PHOTOGRAPHY & PHOTO RETOUCHING as well as ANIMATION & VIDEO.

full-stack designer

Being full-stack simply refers to someone who is cross-disciplinary and able to take a project through to completion. In this case, it’s referring to an individual who has the skills to carry a project through concepts to deliverable.

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